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My name is Veronika Partikova and I have been training and coaching martial arts since 1999. I coach hung gar kung fu and striking and self-defense, and I have experience with Karate, BJJ, MMA. 

Kung Fu Academic is my brand under which I fight, train and coach in a smart way. You have just arrived to my online gym, feel at home! I am passionate to bridge a complex system of deep knowledge in (not only) traditional martial art, and modern coaching methods and thinking. 

I have had the honor to work with nearly 1000  students, both those who are just starting to fall in love with martial arts, competitive athletes, and coaches of various striking systems. Welcome to be one of them! 

Veronika Partikova

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Fantastic, extremely knowledgeable!

University program student

Veronika is a fantastic teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable and motivational and made learning Kung Fu a really enjoyable experience. Would highly recommend!

Good connection with students

Parent of a young student

Great class with a very competent teacher who can connect well with her students and knows how to motivate them. Thanks for teaching our kids!

Engaging children

Parent of a young student

The classes are fun and interactive for the young kids. The kids really like Veronika's class, she manages to really engage them.

I wish to be in my child’s place

Parent of a young a student

I wish to be in my child’s place and be part of such classes.

Online Course for Coaching Kids: 50 Gamified Methods

Are you a coach of any striking martial arts system? Do you teach Kung Fu, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing…? Do you coach kids?

How To Grow Your School, Retain & Motivate Your Students
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Veronika Partikova

Dr. Veronika Partikova has been training and coaching martial arts since 1999. Born in the Czech Republic, she moved to Hong Kong 7 years ago to train and fight. She is a 1. Dan (black belt) in shotokan karate, coach of hung kuen kung fu and amateur MMA fighter. She has been working with hundreds of children and adults, from beginners to athletes. Veronika holds a Bachelor and Master in Education and PhD in Physical Education, focused on martial arts. She is the  Kung Fu Academic - smart coaching that bridges tradition with modern coaching methods; research, and fighting. Her courses aims to help both regular practitioners and coaches.