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Make a change today. Start moving! Tap into your childhood dream OR add to your existing training experience. This martial arts course is completely free and you may upload a video of your progress to get a feedback at the end.

  • Activate your mind and body, warm up and stretch

  • Learn two main stances and footwork drills. Join a challenge that will as well correct your stance!

  • Learn the opening, few movements of a kung fu form (taolu, routine). Join another challenge to learn how to punch!

  • Finish with leg conditioning and calm your breath with a cool down exercise.

  • Learn about kung fu from a different perspective, listen to two cultural curiosities.

  • If you want, submit a video of your progress and get my feedback!

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Fun class with great evidence procedures

The first class is fun, you learn a couple of the main stances from the Hung Gar style and some great evidence procedures to know if you’re doing them right.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Let's Get You Started!

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Let's get started! Activation, Warm Up, Stretch

    • Activate, Warm Up and Stretch

  • 3

    Footwork and Tissue Challenge N. 1

    • 2 main stances: footwork drills and a tissue challenge n. 1

  • 4

    The Opening: A Mini Form and Tissue Challenge N. 2

    • The mini-form

    • Tissue challenge n. 2

  • 5

    Canapé:Two Kung Fu Facts Stories

    • A dead horse

    • A name card

  • 6

    Leg Conditioning

    • 3 exercises for leg conditioning

  • 7

    Bonus Exercise

    • Dodge the ball

  • 8

    Cool Down

    • Slow your breath

  • 9

    Get My Feedback

    • Thank you and now what!

    • Upload Your Video

  • 10

    Well Done!

    • And here we are!

Welcome to the Free Hung Gar Kung Fu Course

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