This short hung gar kung fu course is for people who want to start moving (again), but they lack the motivation, time, or habit. It is also for people who would like to try kung fu for the first time without any commitment.

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Is This For You?

Is it scary to get into a training routine? Are you afraid of the commitment? Are you busy with your work, newborn baby, travel a lot, have a crazy schedule, or simply is it difficult to get up from the sofa? 

Do you postpone your health, thinking: I will start moving later, when… Do you still want to find yourself on the sofa one year later?

Do you want to move? But you are not a fan of yoga/fitness? Is kung fu your childhood dream?

This course is just for you: short, easy, and fun, but still it will make you feel great in your body and mind. 

This is also a great start for those who are playing with the idea of starting learning kung fu, but who are not sure yet. You will learn a few techniques and taste what is it like! 

You will learn few kung fu techniques and with the help of daily objects and furniture, I will correct your movement. You will work out with and work on the technique. This course will bring you a combination of kung fu with mobility and fitness exercises. Chose your favorite warm-up out of three options, and follow me stretch. Learn a technique in block A and work out with what you have learned in block B. Calm down your mind and body with a simple breathing exercise, and feel sharp and ready for what is coming next in your day. 

Why You Should Listen to Me

My name is Veronika Partikova and martial arts is my life. I have been training since 1999 and several years ago I decided to pack my backpack and move to Hong Kong, to study hung gar kung fu from the source with Wong Chung Man Sifu. I left my family and culture behind. I am a World Champion, European Vice-Champion, and national Champion of the Czech Republic and Hong Kong, where I am regularly the only foreigner in the circle. Besides kung fu, I am an amateur MMA fighter on the road to pro.

I have been coaching for many years, both athletes and regular people who train kung fu for a hobby. I have been working with people who are busy, who have many other priorities in their lives but through my kung fu classes, they were able to use kung fu as a tool to be successful in their lives. They are healthier, their mind is sharper, they have goals and a track, and they transfer many habits, both physical and mental, from the training to their lives. And they have a safe zone to relax and workout, to focus on something besides work and family, to rest their thoughts, and activate their bodies. And my pleasure is to guide them towards deeper waters of kung fu or even self-defense and fighting if they hear the calling.


Fantastic, extremely knowledgeable!

Program student

Veronika is a fantastic teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable and motivational and made learning Kung Fu a really enjoyable experience. Would highly recommend!

Fun class with great evidence procedures

Online student

The class is fun, you learn a couple of the main stances [and techniques] from the Hung Gar style and some great evidence procedures to know if you're doing them right.

Great connection with students

Parent of a young student

Great class with a very competent teacher who can connect well with her students and knows how to motivate them.

Here Is Exactly What You Get

  • You will get a compilation of 3 warm-up exercises and a stretching routine. Then, you will learn 4 kung fu techniques in block A, and work(out) with the techniques in block B. You will need this equipment: a chair, a towel, a plate, a shopping bag, something heavy such as a heavy magazine or dog food bag. Finally, cool down with a short breathing exercise.

  • Each training session can be repeated as many times as you wish and finished within 15 minutes. Or spend more time on the exercises and extend until 1 hour.

  • If you feel like having feedback from me, film yourself training those 4 techniques and send me your video on

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    4 min: Warm Up

    • Warm Up A: The Spiral

    • Warm Up B: Head Shoulders

    • Warm Up C: Compilation of Mobility Exercises

    • Stretching

  • 3

    5 min: Learn the Technique (Block A)

    • A4: Front Kick

    • A3: Butterfly Palms

    • A2: Drill Punch

    • A1: Hanging Stance

  • 4

    4 min: Work(Out) With the Technique (Block B)

    • B2: Drill Punch Workout

    • B4: Front Kick Workout

    • B1: Stances Workout

    • B3: Butterfly Palms Workout

  • 5

    2 min: Calm Down

    • Calm Down Your Body and Mind Your Training Routine!

You don’t want to see yourself in that working chair or sofa in one year without any change! Start moving now, with small steps toward a movement routine. 

Start Moving Today!

Don’t wait with starting your new movement habit until… You don’t want to see yourself in that working chair or sofa in one year without any change! Start now with small steps. Start moving, your training routine and/or start with your childhood dream, training kung fu. Click the button below to sign up and start today!

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