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Veronika Partikova: Athlete, Fighter, Coach and Academic

Welcome to my Online Courses website. My name is Veronika and I started my martial arts journey in 1999. It is my life, my air, my love. 

Several years ago I made a big life change, packed my backpack, and moved alone across the world to study Hung Kuen Kung Fu (Hung Gar Kung Fu) at the source. Later, I fell in love with MMA and now I am on my way to my professional debut.

Veronika Partikova

The Kung Fu Academic

  • I received Doctoral degree (PhD) in Physical Education: Sport Psychology, in Hong Kong. I hold Bachelor and Master's degree in Education

  • I started training in 1999. Shortly, I was assisting and independently I coach since 2010

  • I am World Champion, European Vice-Champion, Hong Kong and Czech National Champion in Kung Fu.

  • I am an amateur fighter on the way to pro, competing in MMA, boxing, grappling.

  • I hold a black belt in Karate (1st Dan)

  • I am a published author of academic and popular articles about martial arts. You are welcome to listen to podcasts where I was the guest, or watch and read interviews with me, too.

My Kung Fu Family in Hong Kong

After training years in the Czech Republic, I moved to Hong Kong some 7 years ago to follow and learn directly from Wong Chung Man Sifu. Wong Sifu became me sifu, and I was "taken into his family" through a bai si ceremony. In this ceremony loyalty is promised and the student offers tea to the master. After the years, I became part of the Hong Kong almost only Chinese kung fu community. I am very grateful to be able to find this home where kung fu is our bridge when otherwise we cannot communicate with each other easily.

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