Are you a coach of any striking martial arts system? Do you teach Kung Fu, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing…? Do you coach kids?

Coaching children used to be exhausting and difficult. Not only they did not progress as fast as I planned, but they would often eventually quit. But it all changed when I realized what I had to do to change that for all.

Learn HOW; WHAT you already know

You already know WHAT to teach. You and your martial art system has its own way of kicking, punching etc. I will help you HOW to teach these in 50 gamified methods.

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How To Grow Your School, Retain & Motivate Your Students

If You Can Use These Simple Games instead of Classic Drill, You Can See the Change in Your Students’ Motivation and Your Enrollments Number

Coaching children is a difficult job. We, coaches, fighters, and athletes know that basics are the most important thing to learn, and it is what you also start with as a kid. So we teach the same techniques over and over because we understand the importance of that. But our students would rather fly around and do fancy moves. It is so hard to keep their motivation up for long-term training! Some of them are talented, some of them are really into it. But as time progresses, they are not improving as fast as you expected. They get bored, demotivated, and eventually, they will leave. That’s OK! The martial arts journey is tough and not for everyone, right?

 You have some students left and new coming, but the story repeats. And it is true for you, too: Teaching the same techniques, drilling beginner’s basics, makes you slowly frustrated and burnt out because the students do not care about basics! It is very difficult to keep the students and the school is not growing as you thought. You are an excellent martial artist, but being a successful coach for children is a totally different challenge. 

  • How to retain your student and keep them motivated, excited, and finally reaching their potential.

  • How to make your school grow

  • How to look forward to teaching your kids classes again and coach with the enthusiasm you had when you were starting

Revealed on this page:

  • This is not the time to doubt yourself as a coach! But:

  • Why your methods bring you only so much success and retainment

  • Lifelong access to 50 gamified methods to coach any striking martial arts system to kids in 4 specified areas (footwork, techniques and forms, sparring, and general physical skills)

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4 Areas of Skills

Get 50 games and drills that will make your coaching enjoyable and students motivated and coming back with their friends. The games are developed for ANY striking martial arts system, traditional martial arts or combat sport (Muay Thai, Hung Gar, Karate, Wing Chun, Kikboxing...) The program covers these 4 areas of skills:

  • Footwork

  • Technical skills (striking, kicking, forms/katas)

  • Sparring skills (distance, timing, spacial awareness, learn how not to be afraid of being tagged),

  • General physical skills (coordination, speed, strength)

It Is a Struggle!

Do You Wish To See You Students Bringing In Their Friends? Do You Wish Your Students Train As Hard As You And Love Martial Arts As Much As You Do?

How many children have been enrolled in your school in the past? And how many of them are still training? Do you remember those talented, fast learners? How of them reached their potential? I know it is difficult to teach the basics to the kids, the same technique over and over again. But basics are very important, I absolutely agree. And meanwhile, you became maybe a bored a bit. You start to get burnt out. You see your students not willing to drill the same thing again, and eventually leaving. 

You know your school can bloom, but it is just not growing the way you expected. Being a coach for children is very hard work. Maybe you even doubt yourself now.

What I Did Differently And So Can You

Why the Children in Your Class Are Not Progressing And How to Change That

I started learning martial arts in 1999. I was so excited and so hard working. I was one of those kids who would happily do 100 kicks and think it is “awesome”. I started with Karate Shotokan and after reaching my black belt and slowly transitioned into Hung Gar Kung Fu. At that time I was already coaching for some years. I was enthusiastic, always doing detailed lesson plans and preparing curriculums. But teaching kids was so difficult! Especially the basics, the same technique over and over again. And I knew it was very important to teach, but I also saw that nobody is willing to train as hard as I did and in the same way. So I started to think. I moved from Europe to Asia, Hong Kong, and emerged myself into the Chinese culture of traditional martial arts (and also started my MMA journey). I got into a Ph.D. program and managed to travel the world for my research: visit universities and also small schools, talk to the instructors, and see and feel. I almost froze in a school in Wudang mountains and near the Shaolin, I did interviews in the universities in Shanghai and Beijing, I discussed with coaches in UK and Germany… And I watched and learned from all the other disciplines and sports: gymnastics, all kinds of martial arts, football, athletics. When I returned to Hong Kong, I sat down, and after several months of work, I had a new curriculum and new methods to teach. Since then, I had almost no training session where I would ask the kids to simply drill or repeat over and over. I make it a game, and they repeat even more! My students became motivated and the word of mouth started to spread around. I often have friends of my students coming to the class to see what is going on! And so can you. 


  • The reason why kids complain when asked to do 20 kicks, but happily do 50 if it is a race (without even noticing)

  • The single most efficient way to motivate children 

    Using games in the class will just distract the students from serious learning. Right? Wrong! I will explain how gamification will help with your students’ retainment and motivation

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Who Am I And Why You Should Listen To Me?

My name is Veronika Partikova, I started my training and coaching martial arts journey in 1999. I was so much in love with it, that I eventually moved from Europe to Asia to follow my passion. I have two degrees in Education and a Ph.D. (a Doctoral degree) in Sport Psychology, specifically focused on martial arts. I am a World Champion in Kung Fu, an amateur fighter, and a member of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Coaching Association I am not only an athlete and fighter (click to read more. Mainly Hung Gar Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts), but I have been coaching for more than a decade. It took me a long time to realize that nobody will train as hard as I do (and well, if I find someone like that, I will be one happy coach!) and especially nobody is willing to walk the same journey as I did. So I had to find a way how to coach a complex martial arts system in a new, modern way, that will still make my students train hard and let them fall in love with martial arts. 

So far I have coached around a thousand students, including kids and adults, beginner and serious athletes, university students and staff, families, workshop participants, corporation program participants, wushu judges, long-term class attendees, etc. I was interviewed by several printed and online magazines and podcasts and appeared in China Daily to represent kung fu (as a non-Chinese to represent a Chinese martial arts in Chinese media!). 

Here Is Exactly What You Get

Use These 50 Methods to Coach and Watch Your Students Start Bringing Their Friends

You will receive 50 games to teach any striking martial arts system to children, each of them as a 1-3 minutes long video with voice-over instructions that is ready to use. It will bring your coaching to another level: retain and motivate your students and make YOU feel motivated and excited about your class again, just like when you first started. As a bonus, you will also receive the Top 5 Methods for Leading Reflection in a Martial Arts Class. - Give me 50x the time you would spend on brushing your teeth and your students will start bringing in their friends to sign up


  • 2

    Week 1

    • Footwork Game: Jingle Bells

    • Technical Skills Game: The Fast Strike

    • Physical Skills Game: Put the Cone As Far As You Can

  • 3

    Week 2

    • Sparring Skills Game: Poisoned Tennis Ball

    • Technical Skills Game: Cone Runs

    • Technical Skills Game: 123 Cone

  • 4

    Week 3

    • Technical Skills Game: Kicking Above The Resistance Band

    • Footwork Skills Game: Calling a Stance

    • Sparring Skills Game: Dodge the Noodle

  • 5

    Week 4

    • Technical Skills Game: I Went to the Market

    • Physical Skills Game: Don't Breathe

    • Technical Skills Game: Techniques in front of Each Other

  • 6

    Week 5

    • Technical Skills Game: Speed Kicking

    • Footwork Game: Agility Ladder

    • Sparring Skills Game: Shoulder Tag

  • 7

    Week 6

    • Technical Skills Game: Choose Your Sequence

    • Footwork Game: Rythmical Stances

    • Technical Skills Game: 4 Corners

  • 8

    Week 7

    • Sparring Game: Shar Tank Tag

    • Technical Skills Game: Pyramid Form

  • 9

    Week 8

    • Physical Skills Game: Numbers on the Ground

    • Technical Skills Game: Freeze

    • Technical Skills Game: Electricity

  • 10

    Week 9

    • Sparring Skills Game: Noodle Fight

    • Technical Skills Game: Danger Zone

    • Technical Skills Game: Run Under Leg

  • 11

    Week 10

    • Footwork Game: Step Forward

    • Sparring Skills Game: Duck Fight a Line Fight

    • Physical Skills Game: A Falling Stick

  • 12

    Week 12

    • Sparring Skills Game: Rock Scissors Paper

    • Technical Skills Game: Balance kicking

    • Physical Skills Game: Head Shoulders Knees and Cone

  • 13

    Week 11

    • Physical Skills Game: Monkey's Tail

    • Technical Skills Game: Form on the Line

    • Physical Skills Game: Throw and Make a Stance

  • 14

    Week 13

    • Sparring Skills Game: Sticky Feet

    • Physical Skills Game: Tic Tac Toe

    • Technical Skills Game: Techniques with Numbers

  • 15

    Week 14

    • Sparrging Skills Game: 123 Application

    • Physical Skills Game: Pull Others

    • Technical Skills Game: Knee to the Band

  • 16

    Week 15

    • Technical Skills Game: Form Applications

    • Technical Skills Game: Pepper Salt

    • Technical Skills Game: Form Rythm

  • 17

    Bonus Material: Top 5 Methods for Leading Reflection in a Martial Arts Class

    • Top 5 Methods for Leading Reflection in a Martial Arts Class

What Will You Get And How Does It Work

You will discover 50 methods to coach martial arts basics, that can be used for any striking system (Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Tai Ji Quan, Muay Thai…) Coach 4 categories of skills footwork techniques, sparring, general physical skills. Love teaching kids again and see your school grow!

  • 50 Videos

    50 coaching methods for ANY striking martial arts system (Karate, Muay Thai, Modern Wushu, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Kickboxing…)

  • For All Striking Martial Arts

    All games are easy to adjust to your own style and curriculum

  • How Does It Work

    1-3 minutes long videos with voiceover instructions, ready to implement in your class. Watch on any device, always on hand!

  • Life Long Access

    All games are split into weeks block, so it is ready for you to implement 3 new methods every week. However, you will get life long access to all of them at once.

  • Bonus For You

    Get an extra bonus: Top 5 Methods for Leading Reflection in a Martial Arts Class.



Veronika Partikova

Dr. Veronika Partikova has been training and coaching martial arts since 1999. Born in the Czech Republic, she moved to Hong Kong 7 years ago to train and fight. She is a 1. Dan (black belt) in shotokan karate, coach of hung kuen kung fu and amateur MMA fighter. She has been working with hundreds of children and adults, from beginners to athletes. Veronika holds a Bachelor and Master in Education and PhD in Physical Education, focused on martial arts. She is the  Kung Fu Academic - smart coaching that bridges tradition with modern coaching methods; research, and fighting. Her courses aims to help both regular practitioners and coaches. 
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Fantastic, extremely knowledgeable!

University program student

Veronika is a fantastic teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable and motivational and made learning Kung Fu a really enjoyable experience. Would highly recommend!

Great connection with students

Parent of a young student

Great class with a very competent teacher who can connect well with her students and knows how to motivate them. Thanks for teaching our kids!

Engaging children

Parent of a young student

The classes are fun and interactive for the young kids. The kids really like Veronika's class, she manages to really engage them.

I wish to be in my child’s place

Parent of a young a student

I wish to be in my child’s place and be part of such classes.

Bonus material

As an extra bonus, get the Top 5 Methods for Leading Reflection in a Martial Arts Class

  • Do You Help Your Students Reflect on Their Training?

    These 5 methods will help to lead a reflection session that does not feel like torture. Use them at the end of the class to sum up and digest what had been coached, and help your students feel that they are improving.

If You Want a Different Outcome, You Need To Do Something Differently

You can either keep coaching in your old way, doing OK in your school and retain some students while losing others, or you can teach the exact same material but with new gamified methods that will make your students motivated and hardworking, and even get their friends on board, too. Your kids’ class will not be your least favorite one on your schedule anymore, you will be looking forward to it!

If you want a different outcome, you will need to start doing things differently. Make a choice and step onto a new path.

Click the button below and you will get a life long access to 50 videos of the Martial Arts Games and Drills for Children, including a bonus material about leading a reflection in your class.

The original price is 79 USD per course and it will cover you for 15 weeks.   That is your 2 cups of coffee per week. You are paying 1.98 USD per game/method.

Kung Fu Academic No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee

This online course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

See your school grow and your students excited again about your classes. Look forward to teaching kids just like when you first started, and see them bringing in their friends. 

If you decide within the first 7 days after purchase that the online course has disappointed your expectations, tell me in an email and you get all your money back! I And I will not ask you to unsee my videos... But after you start collecting ideas to teach 4 types of skills for any striking martial art, I am confident you will see and feel the difference in your school right away.


You have received the offer to bring your coaching to a new level. To keep your students coming and even make them tell their friends, too. To make them progress faster and finally reach their potential while having fun. To become motivated again yourself, look forward to every kids’ class and watch your school grow. Take the action to make it happen! Grab your 50 videos to teach 4 areas of basics for any striking martial art! As a bonus, I will equip you with top 5 ways of leading a reflection section in your class.